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A Stray Post

Even though I stand the risk of coming across as a person “beyond repair”, I would like to take the effort of unearthing a peculiar idiosyncrasy I have developed with consistent practice and dogged determination 😀 over the past few years.

I strangely feel that every incident in our life, that on the surface appears to screw up our well oiled lives, happens with a purpose, a purpose beyond what the lens chooses to see. Any stray, freak incident..say for instance a traffic jam, a torrential downpour just when you are stepping out of the house, a missed flight, an accident or a gloomy moonless night when you have looked up for one brief second, to embrace the lunar warmth!

Many such reflections have come and gone by. The most recent one, in fact, happened today, which I would like to share with you.

I was rushing to the bus stand today in my two wheeler, since the buffer time I have at hand, as always, is zilch. To my utter dismay, traffic was lined up for almost a kilometer. I stomped my feet in frustration and wondered how much later than the scheduled time will I actually reach! An uncle right in front of me, wearing a starched white bush shirt and black trousers, was also doing the same, perhaps. He turned around his vehicle to take an alternate route. Almost instantly, I decided to do the same. While I turned, giving it a thought for one split second, he decided to wait for an extra few minutes. The corner of my eye betrayed the blog provoking sight to me.

I guess a normal head and a normal eye would have just carried on. And that’s something I obviously wouldn’t do, not for any amount of riches in the world. Normal, no way!

While I was maneuvering my way into an alternate route and fighting my way through another spate of traffic, thankfully not stationary, I was thinking whether it was better to have waited or not. And then out of the blue, I cursed the impatient me. I debated with my head whether I should have hung on for a slightly longer period of time, before taking the freak decision of whiling one full year to sort myself out. I thought and I argued and I debated and I contemplated. Each time there was an inner voice saying maybe! That made it worse. I almost banged into a cyclist. Had I waited for the traffic to clear and the mess in my head to sort out for itself, I would have reached my destination faster, without any loss in time! One split and that’s it. Isn’t that the case with all the major decisions in life? One damn fleeting second!

As I reached the place I was supposed to, which was incidentally one spot being led to by two different routes, I could not help but smile. Things aren’t that bad, after all. I could see Uncle with his battered scooter and white, starched shirt a few cars ahead of me. I will make it there too. A few minutes lost in the whole process. A year or two here and there!  A crucial bit of learning evolved.

Fail….Give up…Get up…Dust Yourself…Try again….Reach the same destined destination you dreamt of!

A slightly messed up self, a lot of retrospection and a lot of introspection, some tears shed and a clearer goal ahead…Life is but a bed of dreams, replete with thorns!

Pardon me, if this doesn’t make as much sense to you, as it did to me. Kindly move to the more generic ones in this blog. This one was solely for my own self, to structure and give a direction to the random yet precious thoughts I have at certain points in time.

Currently, I am super kicked after watching a series of the great Indian fun weddings in Band Baaja Baraat. I wished it could go on and on. I wished I could be a wedding planner. I wished I could get married right now.

Sadly, a penny for my wishes and cheers to The Razor’s Edge!


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Mush, mush and more mush! Wishing all you…

Mush, mush and more mush! Wishing all you lovely people a year full of love ahead 😉
Too much of love in there,isnt it?


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