I Me Myself

A neurotic dreamer and an adventure freak, the world is anything but an oyster to me! A social network addict and a voracious reader,little things in life make me deliriously happy. The little droplets of rain, the soothing yellow of the moon, a sun kissed sky, the smell of mud after a downpour, tingle my senses and make me revere nature in a manner I cannot fathom. I absolutely love any form of chocolate,am a victim to terrible mood swings and I swear by Rhonda Byrne’s Secret. Ambitious to a scary extent, I see myself taking the road less traveled. The world of development fascinates me and I know for fact that I shall be a part of it in the years to come.Did I forget, I absolutely love the adrenaline kick I get from jumping balconies and travelling randomly.Writing,about anything and everything under the sun, comes naturally to me and hence the blog!


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