Yet another day!

01 Mar

Kudos to the person who coined the term “mood swings”. He has successfully managed to justify the thousands of fleeting, unjustifiable thoughts that enter the head of a homo sapien, especially the fairer sex. At this exact point in time, I am a victim to the infamously famous mood swing.


None at all.

I had a decent day, not very high on the “Eventful” quotient. The day started with a flurry of multiple tabs on my browser, with an intent to research on the parallel articles I am working on. Freelancing happened, by a quirk of fate, thankfully though. I have always wondered how to integrate the love for writing with the hodgepodge of everyday living. Indian Express came in as a divine reply. I am eagerly waiting to see my article in print.

After a sumptuous lunch, I set out to driving school. If it hadn’t been for procrastination, I would have finished with the theory classes a week back. None the less, I had to undergo a session of sheer torture, with video lectures ranging from “How to deal with skidding” and “How to reverse and park” to “The importance of wearing a seat belt”!

The more hilarious ones included a video on “Women Rage” which was one helluva ride with two women out to seek revenge on each other, in the process crashing into and scooping out the head and tail lights from each other’s cars.

My enquiry on the commencement of on road driving was met with a brusque response, “Madam, Simulator ra ahuri 4 ta class baaki achi”.(You still have 4 classes to go with the Simulator).

To hell with the video game like equipment! How on earth am I supposed to learn driving without the probability of any vehicles crashing into me from directions, all and sundry?

The next stop was in relation to yet another article I am writing on the life of the only woman chief minister of Orissa, Smt Nandini Satpathy. The lady, who I still haven’t managed to get to, is a firebrand politician and one of the most well known women of her time. I thought I’d see her in a rocking chair, enjoying the last few years of her well lived life. Highly mistaken, I was. She was out to attend a women’s welfare meeting after a full day at the clinic. Respect.

That’s how I see myself at the age of 85, if I manage to live that long.

The day out ended with an hour long conversation with one of my school teachers. Wonder how many lives has she managed to bring back on track!

Did I forget the innocuous ring road ride! 😀

Multiple tabs yet again, this time its adsense and adwords and the amazon affiliate program and blah blah blah!

I am yawning.

Yes, you can see the whole of Europe within my outstretched mouth.

I have no inkling what exactly will I get down to, after I post this blog. Perhaps sleep or curl up with my recent read.

Random ramblings?



No Idea.

Get Idea!


Buzz Off!



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